About Ondo State Ministry Health

The Ministry

The Ministry of Health came into being in April, 1976 as a consequence of the creation of Ondo State in February of the same year from the defunct Western State of Nigeria. Within the framework of the defunct Western State Health Management Board System which came into force by Edict 12 of 1975 and which commenced on 1st July, 1975, the newly created geo-political block inherited the Akure and Ekiti Health

Departments Providing, within available resources, a level of health care for all citizens to enable them achieve and enjoy socially and economically productive lives.

Department Of Hospital Services

The department of Hospital Services is a proficient administrative department responsible for the building and renovation of health facilities in Ondo State. It is the department in charge of procurement and supply of health equipment to state owned health facilities.

Department Of Public Health

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Department Of Planning, Research & Statistics

The Health Planning, Research and Statistics Department ensures the achievement of the goals and objectives of the State Health Policy.

Department Of Pharmaceutical Services

The department of Pharmaceutical Services of the Ministry of Health is the pivot on which the state free Health programme revolves since the success of Health care delivery system depends on the availability of drugs and dressings.

Department Of Nursing Services

The department of Nursing Services is a professional supervisory department responsible for planning for effective and efficient nursing services and training in Ondo State. It also represents the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria in Ondo State through the Ondo State Nursing and Midwifery Committee.

Department Of Finance & Administration

Finance and Administration Department services the other five (5) operational departments of the Ministry. The Department sees to the general welfare of staff of the Ministry, it undertakes the processes of appointment, promotion and discipline. It also takes care of the Ministry Registry and handles the account unit.