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Delivering the google/mindthegap digital marketing training in your organization

Posted February 18, 2019 11:49 PM

Google as a leading digital service provider and the world biggest search engine is in collaboration with MindtheGap Foundation (a nonprofit project based organization) to deliver a digital marketing training across the nation to equip and empower 400,000 Nigerian youths with digital skills.

Nigerian youths have been identified as the most promising resources and the strength of the country. The youth demography makes about 70% of the Nigeria’s total population. Therefore, if actively inspired towards leveraging digital media for promoting and creating jobs, they tend to bring more value to the economic system of the country beyond the oil.

It has been proven that the digital economy is a platform for growth for the entire Nigerian economy, if well harnessed. Digital economy will be the driver of agriculture, transportation, health-care/medicine, education, banking and finance, among others.


DigitalSkills project is a digital training initiative delivered by MindtheGap (a Google Vendor in Nigeria). The aim is to inspire and empower all categories of Nigerian youths, including the employed, unemployed, underemployed and entrepreneurs with digital skills that will help them leapfrog to become globally relevant. Through this training, we intend to create the next generation of job-smart and work-ready youths to rock the economy of the country

At the end of this training participants will learn how to:

  • turn fun to fortune with the power of Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • get employed and start working with giant companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, ebay, Amazon, etc.
  • create dynamic blog sites and monetize it.
  • make passive income from YouTube, Facebook etc.
  • put businesses online and increase earnings,
  • become affiliate marketers and earn income from giant company

We look forward to your favorable approval. Thank you sir

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